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Got a space under the stairs? Make it into something great!

Dania Lozina - 101 Education|09/09/2017

If you’re a Harry Potter lover or you just love the idea of making every inch of your home a usable space there are plenty of ways to make an unused space under the stairs a fully functioning area that your family will enjoy.

If you are an owner builder and have a bit of creativity, you can turn your empty space into something that offers fantastic storage options or that extra study nook you’ve been looking to create for your home.

Ideas for your empty space under the stairs:

-  Turn it into a reading nook complete with panelled, cosy walls and book shelve plus a super comfy bench seat

-  Add a desk and a chair and install a simple desk so your family can enjoy a study nook or even a desk for running your small business from home

- Storage area with pegs for school bags, shoes and hats

-  Open book case and drawers

-  Install cupboards with doors for a cool extra storage area

-  Add some racks and store your wine, either on display or behind glass or cupboards

Your usable area will depend on the layout of the staircase and whether it is has a midway landing or a straight run of stairs. While using under the stairs as a neat storage area, with a little imagination the area has plenty of potential for a wide range of uses.

One consideration is whether you want to keep the area open or closed – you can either have an open area or add in cupboard doors, glass or other materials to close off the under area of the staircase and make it into a true ‘space’ complete with doors.

It is important to ensure the style of your under staircase nook flows from the main décor and styling from your home. Avoid making it stand out for the wrong reasons. Use the same colours and materials that are used throughout your home where possible to add a simple flow so that the space doesn’t jump out at guests.

Consider playing around with shelving, as storage is one of the most sought after items in most homes. Whether you have horizontal lines or staggered spaces, making a feature bookcase or shelving could be a quick and easy way to solve some storage issues you may have throughout the home.

Whatever you decide for your under stair space, be creative and consider adding in a feature that you don’t have available throughout the home to make that extra special addition that wows your visitors and adds value to your owner builder project.

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