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How to create the perfect amount of storage for your family

Dania Lozina - 101 Education|30/09/2017

Storage and having enough of it is one of the major concerns for families and property owners in today’s property market. When you have family in your home, you’re going to want to have enough storage for clothes, linen, school gear, sports gear, books, photos… the list goes on.

Maximising your storage space when you’re renovating is an important factor, and your design should incorporate enough storage to suit the needs of your family and future owners of the property. 

If you’re a owner builder looking to renovate your property and add in additional storage, it’s best to draw up some detailed plans of your house to find any hidden storage areas that you might be able to maximise and enhance to find the storage solutions your family demands. 

We’ve outlined some ideas for creating the perfect amount of storage of your family:

  • Use the space under the stairs – often a forgotten zone of space that is wasted in many homes, this space is idea for book shelves, drawers for storage or even a space to hang up kids school bags, shoes and coats. Get creative and you’ll be able to grab some extra space you didn’t even know you had.
  •  Find areas in your home that are wasted voids – most homes will have spaces that aren’t being used ineffectively, on a floor plan you can find these and figure out if there are better uses for the space including a small shelve for storage or display of photos or books. 
  • Explore your wardrobes - analyse if your wardrobes have adequate shelving and if they can accommodation an extra row for hanging clothes or some more floating shelves. Most of the time we have plenty of usable space, but the layout of a wardrobe may not suit the needs of your family. If you can work out a more suitable layout and add in storage for toys and books in kid’s rooms, you might be able to capture some extra storage space that was previously wasted. 
  • Build portable storage units from off cuts and leftover shelves and cabinets - if you’re handy with the tools you might be able to create portable storage units in corners of rooms that work to act as storage units for your family members. Add in floating shelves, and hanging rods and you’ve got extra storage for the whole family. 

Owner builders should think outside the square when looking to create extra storage options for family members in your home. It might be as simple as reworking a wardrobe configuration, adding in some extra floating shelves, building in a void under a staircase or adding in some shelving along a wall and you will be swimming in spare storage space in no time at all.

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