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Uncovering some of the most common home decorating mistakes

Dania Lozina - 101 Education|07/10/2017

Building is one thing, but to present a home décor and home decorating can be one of the deciding factors for prospective homebuyers. The cherry on top for decision making, ensuring your property has quality home decorating is essential in the buying and selling process.

Home decorating can be hit or miss, so if you’re a owner building looking to create a profit on your renovation project it could be worth reviewing our list of common home decorating mistakes.

Here’s our list of most common home decorating mistakes you might want to be aware of:

Bedrooms that are over cluttered

If you’re trying to make an impression with your bedroom décor less is more. Focus on using colours and textures that reflect a calm and relaxing mood and avoid the urge to be too loud in your styling as this can be a massive turnoff.

Consider how much time you or potential buyers spend in the bedroom and create a relaxing and stylish space that is functional and works to suit a wide range of tastes.

Ignoring good flooring

If you’re doing a renovation job, there is a chance you can uncover some flooring gold under old laminate such as solid wooden flooring so take the time to use what you have available to make the most of good flooring. As well as this, don’t be too bland with your flooring choices and use flooring that suits the style of your décor and the rest of your home.

Adding carpet on top of carpet

It seems a little silly to add a thick rug onto thick carpet, so when you are considering your décor and home decorating, avoid the need to double up on your carpet and leave the space in a tidy and simple fashion without double ups on carpet and rugs.

Being too dark with your décor

Even if you love a dark interior, it’s not to say potential homebuyers will as well. Keep super neutral and don’t invest in dark or strong colour schemes that will need to be updated and replaced on a regular basis. If it is neutral, most potential homebuyers will be able to work with your décor and home decoration style, and it will appeal to a wider audience of people.

Too much furniture

No matter if you’re an avid furniture collector or not, less is more when it comes to furniture so avoid the desire to put too many pieces into your home.

Mixing it up with natural and faux materials

If you have natural wood in your décor, keep it natural and avoid adding faux wood to your home decoration where possible. It’s easy to spot the difference, and it will make your decoration look a little cheap.

Not taking advantage of natural light

When you are decorating, it’s important to take advantage of natural light in your home. Using sun filled areas allows you to invest in mirrors, which can make your space look bigger and also allow for a lighter room. 

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